List of Games

Also a portfolio I suppose.


Current project. Soapboxing game with a level editor and 4 player splitscreen.


A lesson in scope.

Blacktop is was supposed to be a 1970s driving games in which you smuggle moonshine and escape police cars.

Jetpack Cyborg Ragdoll Adventure

Made in a day with a friend.

"You are a jetpack cyborg detained by the government. Lava is flooding your prison. QWOP to escape."

Tale of Girl

Another game I made with a friend, in a couple days & with lots of headaches.

"Welcome to a very long time ago, where magic is commonplace, and your dad has been nicked by an evil dragon beast. You will not stand for this injustice, and vow to get him back from the grasp of your nemesis!"


Online Multiplayer First Person Shooter. Development was plagued by not actually structuring my code in any way, which resulted in a lot of spaghetti. Still, I'm very proud, and if Photon's servers are still up, you should still be able to play this with friends.